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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Tom Cotton Suggest Sending in Military Enforcement on Protests, Residents comment

Paragould, Ark- Protests continue to happen across the country due to police brutality sparked from the most recent death of George Floyd.

Just recently Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, shared a piece echoing the president’s stance to stop riots and looting.

Today after talking with some people on their thoughts about how president trump and senator tom cotton should deal with the riots and lootings in regards to the protests of the recent death of George Floyd. Some agreed action should happen while one protester thinks differently.

“I know that Tom Cotton like many American Representatives is trying to find a way to calm the America but the way and manner in which he wants to do it is tragically tone deaf,” Paragould Resident, Dean MacDonald said.

President trump suggested in a recent press conference using the insurrection act to stop violence during protest.

“These are not acts of peaceful protest, these are acts of domestic terror. The destruction of domestic of innocent life and the spilling of innocent blood is an offense to humanity and a crime against god, America needs creation not destruction,” Macdonald said.

Soon after, Cotton wrote a piece in The New York Times saying, “The Federal Government has a constitutional duty to the states to “protect each of them from domestic violence.”

One Paragould resident said she thinks Governor Hutchinson should make the decision on how to handle further protest.

“I just think the governor should be they know their state I think better about what that situation is and that’s how I feel. Well if the looting got so bad that it was taking everybody’s business away, I think they might have too,” Paragould resident said.

Dean MacDonald understands what black lives matter means and feels if the community knows law enforcement stand together to help, riots and looting would not happen.

“I think that our police in Northeast Arkansas, Jonesboro and Paragould are doing a great job and actually trying to listen. I don’t think it’s where it needs to be, I don’t think they’re going far enough but I think that just the fact that they’re there to establish a dialogue speak more to you,” Macdonald said.


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