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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Preparing for Floods after a Storm

JONESBORO,AR- Craighead county E-911 operations are preparing now for potential flooding and broken tree limbs in some areas in the city, and for them they were able to get a jump start of preparations.

“We started in looking at this tropical system that’s coming in Saturday we actually started getting some alerts that keyed us in that we might have some issues in northeast Arkansas.”

The first thing they did was have workers out this morning cleaning out sewer pits to prevent large flooding’s.

Flooding according to the federal emergency management agency is the most common natural disaster in the united states and can happen anywhere at any time.

A secondary threat could be high winds.

“Of course, with a lot of rain and high winds we’ve got the danger of trees coming down. So, that’s another concern. We look at the power lines, power poles, traffic signals. But we’re going to have a full crew working here at 911, extra call takers just to be on the safe side.”

Flood prone areas will be monitored closely, with barricades ready if they so have to close any roads.

Presley says if any broken tree limbs are down, contact 911 and they will get a crew to that location.

“If you see those roads and that water always remember, turn around, don’t drown. It can take 6 inches of moving water to drown your car out of get stuck there. It’s all about safety.”

Chief meteorologist Kris Sommers will have more on what we're expecting coming up on Northeast Arkansas News, you can also stay up to date on weather alerts or flood by following the Jonesboro E-911 on social media.


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