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Pandemic SNAP Benefits for Students

JONESBORO,AR- This Pandemic Snap benefits will allow the family to receive $319 for each child that receive free or reduced meals in school.

The state approved the pandemic snap benefits after the governor closed the schools in March and declared a public health emergency.

Nettleton School District has a 70% rate of student receiving free or reduced meals.

“There’s a lot of need in our district for that. So, we’re glad that, that’s being available for them,” Dawn Ragsdale said.

Nettleton school district is serving meals every Monday to whoever needs them at Fox Meadows School of Creative Media.

Through this program, they have serving an average of 5,000 meal, 5 breakfast and 5 lunch.

“We’ve had people with Thank you signs in their windows. We had a lady the other day, she said, I just want to cry, I’m so thankful for all this,” Ragsdale said.

For families who do not receive snap, the Arkansas Department of Education sent those addresses to DHS and an EBT card will be mailed to you.

Ragsdale says this would be a great help for families in their district

“I think especially it helps those families that are struggling that even though they are still getting meals through school because we are feeding, this will just help. Maybe they can get something that they wouldn’t have normally been able to get,” Ragsdale said.

These benefits will be released in late June either on your e-b-t card or by mail if you are not in snap already.


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