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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

A-State Host a Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Supporting Student during Protest

JONESBORO, Ark- Chancellor Damphousse will run a virtual town hall meeting tomorrow for students to ask questions, including recent events happening around the country… allowing all voices to be heard.

“To know that our faculty and staff and administration cares and stand in solidarity with us that means the world to us,” A-State student, Dominique Phillips said.

Recently the chancellor sent out an email to the African American students on campus showing that he stands with them during this time and understands change should happen.

In this meeting it will address things that administration may not knowing is happening on the campus to try and make students’ lives easier.

“People need to be heard and the only way to allow people to be heard is to set up a situation where you can listen and so, that’s our goal for tomorrow and it’s not for me to get a presentation, or for me to do a lot of talking. I certainly will open and share with them my thoughts. But it’s mostly for me to listen,” A-State Chancellor, Kelly Damphousse.

These meeting have been something the chancellor has done before with smaller group leaders on campus.

Setting this up for students all around that are not on campus, will help provide solutions for those on campus.

“We’ve had COVID for the last 5 months, where people have had to social distance and some of them have had to be alone in some situations. Now we have protest surrounding police brutality and violence and students are alone and we want to make sure that no student at Arkansas State University feels alone during this time,” Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Community Engagement, Dr. Maurice Gipson said.

All of the AState students received an email link to join the meeting tomorrow.

This outlet to express their concerns or emotions with the Chancellors cabinet attending as well.

“This is a first step of opening up that conversation to allowing minority students to help others kind of better understand what we feel. I think that once we acknowledge we understand, and we take accountability then that’s when change begins,” Phillips said.

After talking with the Chancellor and Dr. Gibson, they know listening and putting their words into action to make the campus better is the first step.


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