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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Peaceful Protest in Memory of George Floyd

Today hundreds gathered at Craighead County Courthouse today to march and chant those words many people have been saying all over the county.

“No Justice, no peace, no justice no peace.”

Those words… and this march… express their pain about the death of several individuals connected with police officers

With the help from many, it was put together within the last 48 hours.

“I’m pleasantly pleased to see a diverse group assembled to do the march, and protest,” Jonesboro resident, Kristen Sullivan said.

Demonstrators before beginning their march had several speakers from the community giving encouraging words and sharing their experience.

All for the purpose of exercising their first amendment right and trying to make change so the people in Jonesboro feel safe.

“It’s our sense that this community is growing in a lot of ways, but letting underrepresented voices be heard is a big part of that.”

When chanting, “black lives matter” they took a knee at one point for the eight minutes… the amount of time George Floyd was pinned down by a Minneapolis Police Officer

“I hope this raises awareness that people of color are sometimes at risk, are constantly at risk and even in out own community that may not make the national news usually for things like this but raising awareness is really important and we can be a part of the same issue,” Ryan Sullivan said.

“Who can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

This was a big step for the protesters today as one of the organizers will meet with the chief and mayor as they find out what more they can do to help.


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