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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Greene County Library Opens since COVID-19 Pandemic

To keep those in the Paragould community safe, the library is asking people to come in and get materials and not use it as a place to socialize, but with that creates a new normal many will have to follow.

“For us, the biggest change has been the community hub, where people would sit, socialize ready newspapers magazines and that kind of thing,” Director of Greene County Public Library, Mike Rogers said.

This is causing them to start slow.

If anyone is feeling sick or showing symptoms, they ask you to not enter the building.

A part of their opening, they have changed their summer reading program and making it virtual—while also asking the people to limit their time to 30 minutes.

“Our numbers will be down a little bit, because we’re not able to provide the entertainers and performers in big groups like we usually do over at the Collins theater. So, it’s kind of an alternative, I think that there are some people that can attend in person that will take advantage of this and we’re hoping to draw in a different crowd,” Rogers said.

When it comes to books being returned, they have a set room where all books will go for a week before being placed on the shelves again. This limits anyone from getting the virus from a book.

“I was a little nervous that we would have a lot of negative comments because things are so different.

Society is very different right now, but our feedback has been positive. I think that the public is just ready to be back,” Rogers said.

While keeping the library clean for the next day, they have hand sanitizer, not hosting meeting or story times and the library will also close an hour early Monday through Thursday to do a deep cleaning.


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