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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Second Peak of Covid-19 cases in Northeast Arkansas, Concerning for Some

In a briefing Saturday, Governor Hutchinson says the first peak in cases was a month ago, but just last week over 450 new cases were reported. Some of the people I talked with today were concerned while others were not.

“You can’t stay in your house. You have to go outside and live life,” Paragould resident, Jeremy Hyten said.

The new number of cases reported, marked the single highest day increase since recording cases began

But someone who didn’t want to share his name feels people should still take the virus serious.

“States and cities and governments are opening too soon. I don’t think they’re really understanding the consequences that this might have and how it’ll affect more than just the economy but other people’s lives,” Jonesboro Resident.

The rise in positive cases could be attributed to the state's increase in testing locations

In Craighead County there have been over 180 positive cases with over 120 having fully recovered.

Greene county has seen over 40 cases and over half have recovered.

Talking with one person, visiting from Illinois, she said coming here and knowing the numbers are lower than, in Illinois, it was very different.

“I know we did a stay at home order in Illinois, but we have way more cases in Illinois than they do here,” traveler, Paula Dahlem said.

There have not been any deaths related to the cases. But while Paula is visiting, she is making sure her and her daughter are doing everything they can health wise.

“Just trying to be careful, you know keeping our space from people, washing our hands, practicing common sense. It definitely felt weird being here just because it’s so different here than at home, with so many people walking around without the mask,” Dahlem said.

The state will start focusing more on making test more available. And are asking people to continue taking precautions to prevent the virus from spreading.


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