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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Dealing with COVID-19 Scam alerts

Scams regarding free covid-19 testing and treatments as well as stimulus checks have been reported throughout the country. I talked with one lady today, that says she received an email from a scammer about her PPE application.

“I had got an email from a person asking me fill another application, but they sent it to me like they were the bank I had already applied under,” a Jonesboro resident said.

The Jonesboro Police Department reminds you to be careful about certain emails you receive with clickable links and to not give out personal account information.

“All of this stuff going on with people losing their job and money being tight. I think it’s just ridiculous that people would be trying to take advantage of people really almost at their lowest point.”

As of now, they have not received any reports about COVID scams, but just 2 about officer impersonation.

Scammers have contacted people telling them they are with the Jonesboro Police Department, and demanding payments for fines through the use of gift cards.

“They didn’t have the guidelines, the banks and stuff didn’t have the guidelines so, it took longer which I think it gave these scammers time to send all kind of things to us because by the time you got a response from the bank, it was taking about 3 weeks.”

If you receive a call like this, Jonesboro Police are asking you to collect as much information possible from the caller and let the local authority’s department know immediately.


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