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Arkansas 30 Day Fund & Arkansas State University partner

The Arkansas 30 Day Fund and Arkansas State University announced a partnership to help Arkansas small businesses struggling because of COVID-19. After talking with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she says starting this project was a great way to help our fellow Arkansans weather this crisis.

“So many of our friends that are small business owners or work at a small business, we know how much they’re struggling and how hard this time is and we wanted to do what we could to help back,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

The fund was created by Sarah and Bryan sanders.

They will provide loans up to $3,000 to small businesses. As of now they have given out almost 30.

“This is a forgivable loan and the only thing we ask is that, if they get to a place and they’re able and want to give back to somebody else that they invest back into the fund, so we can help another business,” Sanders said.

A-State will be a part of the recruitment, interviews and provide volunteers to help with the process of applications from Arkansas 30 Day Fund.

“It’s aimed at the small ma and pop type stores that just need help to whether it’s pay rent for a facility for a month, or payroll for a month, pay healthcare cost for a month and just to get them through a 30 day period to keep them in business,” Andrea Allen said.

The businesses that qualify for this assistance are those that employ 3 to 30 people, based in Arkansas, have been operating for at least a year and owned and operated by an Arkansas resident.

“I’m deeply appreciative of Sarah and Bryan Sanders for choosing Arkansas State University to partner with them to provide this assistance. I mean, our students will come away with, will hone their skills, they’ll be working with the newly formed non-profit learning about how small businesses can be resilient during a crisis so this is just an invaluable work experience for them,” Allen said.

To apply for assistance, submit an application to


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