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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

NYIT hosts inaugural graduation

JONESBORO, Ark- The New York Institute of Technology college of Osteopathic Medicine hosts their inaugural graduation today for the class of 2020.

Northeast Arkansas News spoke with A-State Chancellor Dr. Kelly Damphousse and one NYIT graduate to hear about the impact the med schools has made.

“To see the impact that this will have it will take a while to start seeing the impact on health and the number of doctors per capita in the state of Arkansas and in the delta region and in rural communities especially,” says Damphousse.” “In time I’m convinced that the efforts it took to bring NYIT to Jonesboro will have tremendous impact not just on the economic well being but also the health of our community.”

The ceremony was supposed to be hosted in person but due to COVID-19, it was moved online.

With 95% NYIT’s graduating class matched with first choice residency programs that they will begin this summer.

The school has also contributed millions dollars in revenue in northeast arkansas.

With NYIT’s focus on rural medicine, 47% of graduates will stay in rural or delta counties to complete their residency program.

Graduate and Jonesboro native, Paige Parnell explains the impact rural medicine has had on her as she start her residency program at N-E-A Baptist.

“It’s really opened my eyes actually to people in rural areas and how they’re such a disconnect to how they are able to get medicine or go see a doctor, says Dr. Parnell. “We see a lot of patients from those rural areas in the hospital. People will drive two to three hours just to see a doctor. It’s really great to stay here and help with that mission.”

Since graduates will not have an in-person graduation, they have been invited back to take part in the Spring 2021 Commencement.

Both Damphousse and Dr. Parnell says the experience the student doctors have gained from being part of the inaugural class as well as finishing medical school online has helped prepare them for their future.


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