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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Land O' Lakes offering free WIFI hotspot in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark- With COVID-19 causing school and business to transition to online, WIFI became a necessity overnight and Land O’ Lakes Inc. wanted to help.

The company came up with the idea to offer free open WIFI hotspot coverage in parking lots for citizens to use.

The hotspot is located at 2-5-3-2 alexander drive in the Christian Creek Commons in Jonesboro.

Vice president technology for Land O’ Lakes Inc. Teddy Bekele says about two hundred people have taken advantage of the hotspot WIFI.

Bekele also says the free WIFI hotspot is temporary, but he knows it is much needed

“It will be available as long as people take advantage of it,” says Bekele. “So, we will evaluate that by location and location and it more want to take advantage of that we will do so but at the same time this is a temporary solution not a permanent fix. We are going to continue to work on the advocacy part of it.”

Land O’ Lakes has hotspot locations in fourteen states and is also advocating and working with companies to help permanently close the digital divide.


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