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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Safety changes coming to Craighead County Election Annex

JONESBORO, Ark- New safety changes are coming to the Craighead County Elections Annex starting this summer ahead of the Jonesboro Public School special election in August.

Elections coordinator for Craighead County, Jennifer Clack says she wants to keep poll workers and voters safe.

“There are spaces marked on the floor to keep people six feet apart," says Clack. "Cosmetic applicators like q-tips can work as styluses for the machines and tablets. You can get one of those and use that. We will have face shields and mask for our workers here.”

Clack says they will also be sanitizing voter machines between each use.

She also says voters will not be required to wear face mask to enter but her poll workers will be required to wear face shields.

Construction to add plexi glass barriers is also is also being added but clack says that might not be done by the Jonesboro public schools’ special election on August 11th.

Clack says she received input from multiple offices about the changes.

“We spent lots of time in different meetings thinking of ways to keep people safe," said Clack. "It’s been a lot of input from the county clerk’s office and the county judge’s office.”

Clack says they have requested money from the state to pay for the new changes as the cares act did delineate funds for election safety.

“We’ve already turned in our form for that, so we’re hoping most of this will come from state funds, we’ll try to save the county as much money as we can.”

Clack says they are exploring the option of drive thru voting. She is also reminding people that if they are worried about voting due to covid-19, they can absentee vote.

Clack is in need of poll workers for the upcoming Jonesboro Public School special election. If you would like to apply you can email


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