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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Two Non-Profits Join together to fight Homelessness in Craighead County

Crowley’s Ridge Development Council and the hub announced they are partnering to better help them provide to fight homelessness in Craighead County. Tony Thomas Executive Director says this will provide the ability to collaborate ideas better.

“In the interim, our services will remain our services and the hub’s services will remain the hub’s services,” said Tony Thomas

The Hub and CRDC work together often and realized that they have the resources to help those in need in our area.

Both organizations agree that the hub will maintain not only its identity as the homeless resource center but also be able to keep its current location.

The hub, applied for a grant earlier this year, for funding, but recently found out they did not receive it.

“There are other grants and we’re going to continue searching for funding. We can also work through CRDC. They have gotten a lot of grants for their organization and again collaborating as partners will help both organizations in many ways,” said Gwendolyn Zugarek.

From both agencies, the covid-19 pandemic has forced a larger number of people to work with, but it was not the cause of the collaboration.

They have both been working on becoming one, this was just the right time to partner up.

“It’s a very difficult time for most communities, even across the globe honestly. Jonesboro is feeling some of those effects,” Zugarek said.

“The COVID pandemic has just caused a ruckus in the nonprofit sector. In that number 1, it is providing more individuals in the system that actually needs assistance but at the same time, we’re limited to how we can make that contact,” Thomas said.

The director of the hub says she will be stepping down due to family reasons and are looking for someone to fill the role. For more you can visit


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