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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Stores filled with shoppers after the opening of certain stores

We talked with shoppers today and they told me they were glad the stores are open, but for some people they are not following the guidelines that have been put in place to keep everyone else safe.

Burlington, TJ Maxx and Homegoods reopened and the traffic has been constant since. Some shoppers today decided not to identify themselves but feel the reopening may have come a little too soon.

“At both store the majority of the people aren’t wearing face mask it just a few people that had them on today.”

From some videos we received there are huge crowds gathering at local stores with full parking lots

Governor Hutchinson expressed his concerns on the shopper’s safety of the virus but did say the stores should implement those guidelines for customers too.

“A store that I didn’t think was practicing social distancing I called their regional office and I said what are your guidelines, it doesn’t look like it well enough can you do it better.”

As for these shoppers, their protections for each other is what they focus on the most and when they do get out of the house for just a little while, it is helpful to see something different.

“Employees are really good about it. But it is the shoppers that need to do it too. And if they would I think this would be cut out much quicker than what it is. This problem that we’re facing right now, and it too bad because it’s a really simple thing to do.”

Burlington tells us they are screening all associates, providing hand sanitizer, and having wider checkout lines for customers. I reached out to TJ Maxx for a comment on their reopening, but they have not responded.


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