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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Brookland Church holds service with restrictions

As pages turn, and people sing it was a happy time for members, because this the first time meeting since Coronavirus closed their church doors.

“Oh, this is wonderful. We look forward to the time where things can return to normal,” Lloyd Davis said.

Member Lloyd Davis could not wait to return to worship with his church this morning. Even though he could not give out the hugs and handshake he wanted, he was still happy to be there.

When the governor announced the guidelines for churches, it wasn’t something they weren’t ready to do.

“I think we’ve done just about as much as we could do. If we hear of suggestions or things we could do better, that will keep us safer that’s something that we’re continually looking for.”

But for member Charles Idol after 8 weeks of not seeing each other in person, it was almost like a new church.

“It was so different. So different, so strange because we have not seen each other in about 8 weeks, so it such a joy to get to see everybody again,” Charles Idol said.

Jeff Heitman delivered the message and remembers what it was like talking in front of people not online.

“I have been doing Facebook live bible studies and a couple of services, but it’s been just me and so, it’s really hard to speak to a camera and nobody and not having that feedback,” Jeff Heitman said.

Other churches kept it safe by doing online service or drive-in but they are preparing for face to face by the end of the month.

“We’re so thankful just to be in the presence of one another in the presence of God and worship God together.”

Members feel with the restrictions in place it gives others the reassurance of their safety and are looking forward to meeting again next week.


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