• Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas Churches Reopen After Forced Covid-19 Closing

Many churches in Northeast Arkansas will still have online service this week, but others like Brookland Church of Christ will have face to face service but with limited social contact.

“There will be no contact, physical contact between the members, we put into place on out pews. We blocked off every other pew so that it would make enough distance in between the front and the back of each person.”

Governor Hutchinson said although he encourages online services, in person is always allowed with restrictions in place that consist of face coverings being worn, and a six-foot distance besides family groups.

That is what Brookland Elder, Joseph Lyons says will be done on Sunday.

“It’s not going to be as friendly, but it will be in accordance with God’s will that we meet on the first day of the week to worship.”

According to officials these new guidelines, are to prevent another large break out.

For Pastor Adrian Rodgers of fullness of joy ministries, having drive-thru service and virtual services has been positive for them to keep that break out from happening.

“What we call drive in worship, were people remain in their cars. But our singers would be out, spaced 6 feet apart and then I would share the message as well.”

Only a few churches will meet next Sunday instead, but for Pastor Brady at Nettleton Baptist, they will wait a little longer.

“Theoretically, we could open Memorial Day weekend the 24th but we haven’t made that decision. We’re still waiting and seeing how things play out.”

In the end, they all just want to have a safe place for everyone.

“We’ve certainly missed the fellowship, we’re looking forward to getting back together, however we do feel it was the better decision to shut down until they could get everything handled.”

After talking with many churches in Northeast Arkansas today, they say not having face to face service for them is their way to wait and prepare the best option for their members to reopen next Sunday.


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