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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Jonesboro new COVID-19 "hot-spot"

JONESBORO, Ark- Dr. Nate Smith, Director and State Health Officer for the Arkansas Department of Health. Called out Jonesboro as a forming covid-19 hot spot in the state during Governor Hutchinson’s daily press conference.

This is leaving some local residents feeling extra cautious.

“I think our testing numbers have gone up significantly too,” says Jonesboro reside Jennifer Clack. “So, to me that’s why we’re spiking our number, but also people are starting to relax more, getting out more. I’m kind of just prepared to stay hunkered down until June.”

Mayor Perrin says he thinks a rise in cases is attributed to more testing in northeast arkansas.

In an effort to continue this he is been working with Walmart executives to bring drive thru testing to the superstores parking lots in Jonesboro.

The mayor is also encouraging social distancing, saying this is not the time to let your guard down.

Dr. Nate Smith says Jonesboro’s close proximity to West Memphis where Crittenden County has cases in triple digits, are in part for our increase.

“In the northeast it’s been both Jonesboro and West Memphis. So, there is always the risk of cases being brought over our state lines,” said Dr. Nate Smith

One woman says with the rising number of cases she is plans to continue practicing social distancing, with hopes it will be over soon.

“I’m going to continue social distancing, washing my hands, wearing a mask when going out,” said Jonesboro resident Carly Woods. “Hopefully, it will all be better soon though.”

Mayor Perrin says he is optimistic that residents will continue to social distance as the state starts to re-open.


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