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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas State University set to host in-person classes for fall

JONESBORO, Ark- Arkansas State University has announced they plan to host in- person classes on campus for the fall semester.

Chancellor Kelly Damphousse says they will take percautions to ensure students and faculty stay safe while in the classrooms.

“We think it is important for us to be back in class as soon as possible…but we have to weigh that against the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff and also our visitors to campus,” says Damphousse. “We are intending to come back and teach classes in person, but we also know there may be some flexibility needed by the university for the unlikelihood of having to go back online again.”

Chancellor Damphousse says the decision was made after multiple weeks of discussing what the fall would look like when it comes to COVID cases after speaking with the local and state health officials.

In addition, he has created 7 task forces to figure out what life on campus will be like once students and staff are back.

“I created seven task forces to look at every single scenario. How do we teach classes how do we run the cafeteria, how does the student activities center work, Red Wolf Center and student union.”

The Chancellor says it’s too early to announce what precautions the university will take if they are back on campus in the fall.

He has spoken with students and staff to hear feedback.

“Many of them are saying they really miss being on campus, they miss their professors so that was really greeted with a lot of excitement by students,” said Damphousse. Understandably some faculty and staff are concerned about health issues and how we will manage that. That is really important to us, if we can’t do this in a state and manner than we will have to re-access what we’re doing.”

A-State already had five thousand online degree seeking student before COVID, something Chancellor Damphousse says helped them make a fast and smooth transition to online classes


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