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Arkansas State Police reopen drivers test

The covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of cancellations including people needing to take their skills drivers test. The test is limited to applicants who use the state police website for scheduling the test, they will then receive confirmation of the test date and time.

Brad Sadler of the Arkansas state police, shares how

In March they shut down the skills test operations mostly because the county and municipal buildings in the state where they test was administered was closed to public access.

“We did it out of caution for our test examiners because they do have to have interaction with the applicant driver.”

For Northeast Arkansas residents, there are 3 different locations in Northeast Arkansas available for testing—Jonesboro, Newport, and Forrest City locations.

Once a person has passed their written section of the test, they do have to wait a certain amount time before they can take the skills section.

Scheduling these tests online has always been in place but is enforced now to keep social distancing in place.

“The state police are prepared to take those precautions and proceed with the test. Needless to say, we were conscience all along that the longer that we held off in providing the skills test,

the greater the backlog would grow.”

Starting today, anyone entering the facility must wear a face mask, pass a health assessment survey and have your temperature checked


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