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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation Mini Grants

The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation is launching their covid-19 relief initiative. This allows the under served minority communities have an opportunity to receive funds to get through this pandemic.

Charles Stewart, chairman and CEO of the Arkansas black hall of fame foundation, says they will give out mini grants up to one thousand dollars and are seeking to raise 25 thousand in private funds for the month of May

“We’re encouraging those groups, or organizations within those areas to apply for the grant and the demand, is high and we are hoping apply, we are applying for a grant through the Cares ACT,” Charles Stewart said.

These grants are looking to help with the following issues: food insecurity, housing, paying rent, physical and mental health care or educational needs that have been created during this pandemic.

Laganzie kale KLEK general manager has applied for this grant.

“You had to be a non profit organization and you had to serve primarily a minority audience and they wanted to know how you would use the funding to help in your efforts to either educate people dealing with covid-19 or distribute protective equipment or the supplies to assist in that manner,” LaGanzie Kale said.

The focus of this foundation is building the minority communities, they recognize the importance of their response to the organizations.

“They are disproportionately affected by and we know specifically by COVID-19,” Stewart said.

Since announcing this grant, they have had about 44 applications from all over Arkansas.

Helping groups in northeast Arkansas is what they are hoping to do next.

“So, what I hope to see is that the organizations that serve the minority population in northeast Arkansas get the assistance that they need,” Kale said.

Applications are available at and will be open until all funds are gone.


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