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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Hispanic Center continues to serve community even with COVID-19

JONESBORO, Ark- Although the Hispanic Center in Jonesboro is still closed due to covid-19, they continue to serve as a valuable resource to the community this includes tutoring students in English to encouraging members of the Hispanic community to get tested.

“We know our children, so we knew which ones were already behind on school, so focusing on those students," says Gina Gomez, Executive Director of the Hispanic Center in Jonesboro. "As well as the ones who were behind on English skills so keep preparing them to succeed at school.”

Gomez says they are working with families on an individual basis using zoom, and facetime to tutor students.

The Hispanic center is also using Facebook and Instagram to relay information to the community related to COVID- 19 and updates on the center

“Using our social media platforms, Facebook is very popular in the Hispanic community and so is Instagram just because we don’t have any Spanish newspaper, radio or news station in the area.”

After hearing some members of the Hispanic community around the state and country reluctant to get tested due to fears of deportation, Gomez says the center is also reassuring people that immigration is not questioned during testing.

“Immigration status is not a factor to get tested or not," said Gomez. "They can get tested even if they are undocumented in the country, so making sure they understand that.”

With summer around the corner Gomez says they are having to transition their popular summer programs online. The Hispanic Center is currently working out a schedule for it.


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