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Arkansas State University Newport makes changes to grading scale

NEWPORT, Ark. Arkansas State University Newport is changing their grading scale for this semester to accommodate for students affected by covid-19 and recent tornados.

Giving students who qualify, until December to complete current semester coursework.

“Incomplete crisis option a student can work one-on-one with their instructor to develop a timeline for completing their course,” says Dr. Holly Smith Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. “We’re allowing an extension to December 2nd for students to complete courses if they are issued an IC. The WC option is really for students who have talked with their instructor, they just really don’t feel that there is a way for them to complete the course before December 2nd so they feel their best option is to re-take the course.”

Requirements for both options include students must have completed 50% of their coursework and be in good academic standing by March 18th when ASUN moved online.

IC students who don’t complete their coursework by December 2nd will receive an f in the class.

Smith says both options will reflect on a transcript and if a student is at risk for losing financial aid, it will show it’s a result of the crisis.

Families Inc, Psychologist dr. Dana Watson says these options can be very helpful to a student

“Offering options like this can be empowering for students in a time they may feel a loss of control or power over their own lives.”

Students have until April 27th to apply for these programs and talk to their professors and see if this is the best option for them.


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