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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas Continued Care turning into COVID hospital

JONESBORO, Ark. As hospitals are running low of space due to the rising numbers of covid-19 hospitalizations, Arkansas Continued Care is ready to help out, serving as an overflow facility patients in Northeast Arkansas according to hospital CEO Vince Gore.

“So, what we have done is we have invested in a substantial about of resources and finances to the third floor of our hospital in order to make that a COVID wing,” says Gore. “There for we can take up to 27 COVID patients here in our hospital.”

Multiple states including Massachusetts and North Dakota have turned surgery or rehab facilities into COVID hospitals as well.

The forty-four-bed hospital received approval by the Arkansas Department of Health to double its bed occupancy 89 but right now can take in 24 patients to accommodate area hospitals including St. Bernards and NEA Baptist.

Some of whom they expects will be ventilated ICU COVID -19 patients if hospitals run out of space or ventilators.

Gore says they are confident that COVID patients will not pose a risk to the rest of the hospital.

“We have separated the rooms as well as floors,” says Gore. “The second floor is my normal patients and the third floor is for positive COVID patients. We even have an elevator that positive COVID patients will aren’t even mixing up airstreams when it goes from floor to floor.”

While ACCH has not taken in any COVID patients yet, they are prepared if and when the call comes.


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