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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Schools continue lunch programs despite tornado and COVID0-19

JONESBORO, Ark. While Arkansas public schools are closed until April seventieth, school districts are working to continue their food service for kids.

This is a challenge for one district as multiple food pick up spots are closed due to the tornado.

Marked Tree Superintendent Matt Wright says they will be there for the students as long as needed.

“We wanna continue to serve kids as long as it is safe," says Wright. "Our kids right now they need us more than ever, they’re relying on those meals and food, and we’re gonna make sure they get it. Our plan is to continue until school opens back up, and if that means going into the summer.”

Wright says they are feeding about fifty percent of their whole student body.

The marked tree school district is now bringing those lunches to hotspots around town for families to pick them up at.

The Nettleton school district is still continuing their food program as well but are having to make changes due to Saturdays tornado.

Three of their student meal locations have been shut down due to road closures.

“At this point in time the feeding station at Fox Meadows School for Creative Media is the only one,” says Brown. “That may or may not change, I don’t know but we will be notified via our administrators. I encourage families to take advantage of that location though.”

The Nettleton School District is looking at those alternate ways to bring students food.


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