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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Local business works to re-build after being it hit by COVID-19 and recent tornado

JONESBORO, Ark. As Gamble Home Furnishing store starts and trying to get back to normal, one employee says they are choosing to see the silver lining in this situation as one of their stores was closed due to covid-19.

Possibly saving lives during Saturdays tornado and giving staff a new objective according to Gamble Home Furnishing’s Director of Marketing Sarah Hunt.

“We didn’t have to make too many cuts as far as staff goes, we tried really, really hard to take care of our people,” says Hunt. “That was the main thing during the whole COVID-19 deal, but because of this we’re all like “no one’s gonna go anywhere, we have full job security, all hands-on deck. It’s just a little crazy how it’s all worked out.”

Gamble has two locations, one inside the mall at Turtle Creek and one on the Farville Curve.

Both locations suffered severe damage due to the tornado.

The Turtle Creek location had just recently closed two days before due to COVID-19.

While their Farville curve location was open at the time of the tornado, Hunt says only one customer was inside at the time- something that is rare for the popular store.

“It was a blessing in disguise that our traffic was down, because if this was a normal Saturday we would have been packed,” says Hunt. “We have two safe rooms on the property, we wouldn’t of been able to find everyone because it happened so quickly. We wouldn’t of had any coverage for our people at the mall store because it’s in the middle of the mall and we’re in the rotunda."

Hunt says so far, they have been trying to salvage furniture to move into their event center building while they work out plans to re-build.


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