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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Coping with Trauma after Unexpected Life Experiences

Mental health can be affected in different ways after a traumatic experience and some may not know that is case. As many people are trying to put their life together after the tornado— talking to a health expert is one of the ways to help get through tough times like this.

“The social distancing and kids being out of school and trying to find ways to care for them and entertain them and teach them and then the additional disaster really helps a lot of people reach their boiling point. Hopefully your family has a plan for disasters,” Dana Watson said.

Talking to your children to show comfort and making sure they understand what is happening can help them in these difficult times.

“Adults must stay calm and be reassuring. There’s no doubt that we were all panicked in our minds when the storm was coming through our town. But that was a wonderful opportunity for parents or caregivers to model for children how to cope with those feelings in real-time,” Watson said.

For one resident she was driving in during the tornado. That has now changed her perspective on life.

“I see like the tornado form and I want to say it was by trim gym. So, I could see it within my eyes,” Chreyshayla Lognion said.

She turned her car around and headed for Lowes, where she was safe.

When I finally get in, I asked where I need to go, and I run to the back and luckily it was safe, and Lowe’s didn’t get that much damage,” Lognion said.

She says the life-threatening moment has helped her put things into prescriptive.

With a better appreciation for life and talks with her mom, the process of healing is happening.

“She just wanted me to pray more and think what sign is God trying to show me. So, having that connection with God and praying has really helped me a lot,” Lognion said.

Experts recommend contacting a therapist if you or anyone you know are struggling with mental health.


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