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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Hospital creates Emergency Childcare Center

In order to the community during school closures, Lawrence memorial hospital will be operating an emergency childcare center for children of the front-line worker and county employees.

“That’s a good set up to have and I know a lot of parents are out of childcare options right now but they’re still required to work and still have to bring home a check to provide for the family, so, I think it’s a good resource for the hospital to be in,” Wade McFadden said.

This service is it’s available for Lawrence health staff and county employees who are essential personnel.

The childcare center will safely provide recreation, learning and food for the children while out of school.

“I mean the kids need to keep learning a lot of kids need to be eating. If anyone can help with the food or anything, I encourage you to do it,” Jason Osbourn said.

The emergency childcare center will follow social distancing, sanitation, and hygiene recommendations.

Although some may have underestimated how serious this should be taken, they’re glad for a helping community to get through times like this.

“It’s definitely changing. Changing the way we do things, hopefully, everybody stays safe and limits your time outdoors and does everything they’re telling us to do and it definitely going to be memorable for all of us and hopefully, everyone can just take care of themselves,” McFadden said.

They are needing volunteers 18 and older to work with the children. If interested contact Lawrence memorial hospital.


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