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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Funeral Homes Operating in the midst of COVID-19

McNabb funeral home is one of the four owned by hank McNabb. During this COVID- 19 time, they have had to now begin operating under guidelines from the CDC, so they can keep serving families during a sensitive time in their life.

“We’re still trying to do the best we can, take the best precautions we can with the coronavirus and clean out building daily and stuff like that,” Clyde Hackworth said.

McNabb owns and operates four funeral homes, including one in Monette, Jonesboro, Harrisburg and Pocahontas.

All the homes are still holding visitation, funeral and graveside services, but some services are limited to just family members.

“But still limiting to 10 people try to take 10 in and let those people view then 10 more come out and maybe 10 more come in. We are still trying to do graveside service for the family that is outside but trying to tell them that we are still limiting, wanting just families to come,” Hackworth said.

Many families have been very understanding when it comes to how the funeral home can have these services.

“The public have been very informed they kind of when they come in to talk to us. they kind of already know the kind of situations going on they kind of will tell us, look this is what’s going on you tell us. When can we do this, we want to work with you,” Hackworth said.

At the moment none of the funeral homes are using online services, but it could be something in the future

“We really appreciate families for working with us and we’re going to do everything we can to our their loved one,” Hackworth said.

These new changes have been received well by the families they have worked with. McNabb says they are doing all they can to keep safe and healthy while serving those around them.


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