• Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas hair salons, and tattoo parlors forced to close due to COVID-19 outbreak

Many salons and nail shops have already closed in Jonesboro because of the Coronavirus. Those in the field, knew they would need to close soon just not “tomorrow by noon”—creating fear and concern for them and their families.

“I’m a little terrified of what’s going on. Never in my life have I had to go through any of this. It’s hurting us, economically, but it’s hurting us as a family. This Jagged Edge is a family it’s not just the workers are a family but all our clients,” Christy Bridgeman said.

Governor Hutchinson announced the decision after a press conference on the loss of revenue from businesses closings and the delay of the state tax filing deadline from April 15th to July 15th.

“People know it’s Coronavirus out there and they know a lot of people to be in the barbershop too that will slow our business down also. People aren’t prepared for, you know, we’re not expected a check every Friday, so, it hurts,” Koreon Prunty said.

This is a big hit to many of the self-employed Jonesboro salons and barbers as their income will now be limited.

“Our business has suffered tremendously because of the personal care that we do. There’s a lot of people that are unsure there’s a lot of people that don’t believe that they can be safe out here in time and I think that it's necessary that we practice social distancing,” Ramon Crumpler said.

Some see the good and bad of having to close but are still unsure of what’s to come next.

“Just very hard on people with having to pay your bills and everything, and not knowing what kind of stimulus you’re going to get, it’s just very stressful so, you just try to remain not too worried about it because I have a house, I have food, but everybody is worried about the unknown,” Clarice Beck said.

Now because they are self-employed, they wouldn’t be able to get unemployment, and are just hoping clients will help them as much as they can.


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