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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Osceola Police Department Receive a Great Gift

Osceola Police Department received a much-needed donation of 40 masks so they can protect and serve but still be safe and healthy.

“We truly appreciate Plum Point energy for donating these masks and any additional donations will be greatly appreciated as well,” said William Skaggs

The department reached out to plum point energy, because they knew they would be able to help provide the kind of masks they needed.

These n-95 masks and disposable medical gloves are for the safety of the officers during the time.

“Lieutenant Skaggs gave them call and he gave them call and they were gracious enough to donate a couple of boxes,” said Tom Scrivner.

“They could only donate so much due to their job, so they allowed us to have what they were able to give,” said Skaggs.

Temperatures are being taken of employees and inmates they have housed at the station daily, along with cleaning of offices in the station.

With officers being in constant contact with people in public, this is the best way to keep them healthy.

“We’re one of the professions where we have to come to work. So, we’re going to be out there talking to people interacting with people and certain cases taking people to jail if need be and we

want to make sure we’re all protected,” said Scrivner.

The department is still in need of more masks and gloves for officers. If anyone would like to drop off any donation althea can bring them to the Osceola Justice Building.


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