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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News


Restaurants across northeast arkansas are working to continue to serve guest while also following CDC guidelines in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

One restaurant is now going so far as temperature screening guests when they enter.

One man say's he thinks this is going too far.

“I think people are blowing this out of proportion and I think doors should still remain open," says Kevin Miller. "For the most part I think it should be business as usual. Hopefully this just moves along…but yeah, I haven’t changed anything, it’s everything else that is changing, forcing me to adhere.”

Brickhouse Bar and Grill is open to the public and does not have any plans to close their dining spaces yet.

The restaurant is taking multiple steps to assure guests it is safe to dine inside.

They are going so far as to open all three floors of the eatery to space each table six feet apart of from the next.

They will also serve drinks and meals on plastic and throw utensils and plates.

A temperature screening of all employees and guest will start once they enter the restaurant.

Yesdog Grill is also taking percautions.

It was also closed Monday to the public to conduct a deep clean of the restaurant according to Lisa Godsey.

“We are wiping down menus as soon as the customer gets through with them," says Godsey. "Once a customer gets up we wipe it down extra. Moving condiments to the back, only available upon request. Staggering seating so we have adequate space between all of our customers that choose to come in.

Dan Johnson with Brickhouse Grill is asking people who have traveled within the last two weeks to please use curbside service as a precaution.

Godsey also said that Yesdog is working on a delivery service for customers and that they should have it running by Friday.


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