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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

10 Fitness closing because of COVID-19

There is hardly a time the parking lot for 10 fitness is empty. But after an email was sent to all members about the temporary closing, some members are making some adjustments for their health until they open again.

Sitting in the parking lot, today many members drove to the gym to work out but only to find the note on the door about the closing.

“I actually received an email last night that effective yesterday that 3/17/20 that the gym was going to be closed due to the coronavirus and it will remain closed for sanitation purposes,” Priscilla Parrish said.

One member had just signed up as a member yesterday and this was nothing but a shock to her while another member was glad the precautions are being taken. Better late than never.

The gym plans to re-open on April 1st but will continue reassess on the best available information and keep members updated as the situation evolves.

“I think it’s best that people are taking the proper precautions utilizing materials that they have at home, YouTube, or anything internet related that can help them still get their fitness workout in,” Parrish said.

For however long they are closed, they will credit that amount of time to the end of their members gym fees.

“I appreciate the email that I received, honestly I personally have not been to the gym since the whole coronavirus hit. I’ve actually been utilizing my workout videos and I also have workout equipment here at home that I use,” Parrish said.

10 fitness will have live workouts on their Facebook live every day at 2 pm and other videos available on or their YouTube page.


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