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School Serving Free Lunch due to COVID-19 School Closings

Jonesboro School locations: Microsociety, Parker Park, Word Baptist Church 11am-12pm

Arrowhead Farm Road, Duncan Road 12:15pm

Cedar Heights Apts 11am-12pm

Annie Camp (in front) 11-11:30am

North Main Baptist 11:30am-12pm

Nettleton School Locations: Fox Meadow School of Creative Media, Nettleton STEAM, University Heights School of Medical Arts

Every day this week, Jonesboro and Nettleton school districts will provide lunch and breakfast to people 18 and under. Jonesboro public schools started today at Microsociety, Parker Park and Word Baptist church from 11 until 12:30.

“I think it’s amazing. For parents and kids to depend on daily not just going to school but just by having that meal. Having that nutrition every single day so I think that’s a huge thing a lot of people don’t think about losing, in times like this and we don’t know how long that may be,” Drew Waddell said.

Families were not prepared to be out of school on Monday, and for many students having enough food in their homes is a concern.

So, Jonesboro school district put in to place a way to provide a free meal for breakfast and lunch, at several set up site in the city.

“We set up some tents behind us so that way when they drive in, we can go out and serve the cars that way they don’t have to get out of their vehicles. But however, we can help out to just give the food to the kids who need it,” Walter Bowen said.

For this week, from 11 am until 12 they will be serving breakfast and lunch and you will be able to pick them both up at the main locations.

You must have the number of children with you if they are under 18.

But if any adult would like a lunch you can purchase one.

“We know that they’re breakfast and lunch that they receive at school is so important. And we want to continue that. Today we were able to sever about 250 students we believe those numbers will go up,” Dr. Kim Wilbanks said.

The different locations will start at different times; you can visit the districts Facebook page or website for updates. We will have the full list of locations for both districts in Jonesboro on


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