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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Hospitals Change Policies due to COVID-19

Hospitals across the country are adapting their policies in wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

This includes several hospitals in Northeast Arkansas as they implement new policies that includes in temperature screenings and in-depth travel questionnaire.

“Of course, the emergency room will be open twenty-four hours a day," says Ty Jones Director of Marketing at NEA Baptist. "We have restricted those visiting hours and our open hours for the hospital from 5 A.M. to 7 P.M. those doors will lock to the public at that point. We have also updated the visitor policy to two visitors per patient. That is your two visitors for the day.”

Once someone enters NEA Baptist, they will go through a line with health care providers screening them.

Questions each person will be ask include have you come in contact with anyone with the coronavirus.

Have you traveled outside of Northeast Arkansas within the past thirty days.

Once one passes the checks, they will receive a sticker they must wear to indicate they have passed the screening.

Visitors under the age of eighteen will not be allowed inside.

One Northeast Arkansas man whose mother is in failing health and part of the high-risk group says the screenings are essential.

“If you don’t have this one surgery this may be our final option," says Johnathan Reaves. "Originally it was supposed to be this week, but she received a call saying she was not able to go into St. Louis for the surgery because of the risk of COVID-19. What happens if you go in and they aren’t doing the screenings and checks they need to and someone like my mom gets it? I think this is about saving lives.”


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