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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Golden Corral Creates Take-out boxes

Starting tomorrow, Golden Corral will be serving take out boxes, drive through style. Employees say, since the community has done so much for them since being here, this is their way of giving back.

“I know my grandma would not want to be sitting down with a family of 10 or family of 5 or more. I think it would be a lot helpful for the elderly and for the ones with low immune system.

So, it’s a great idea of us doing it,” Melanie Gosa said.

This meal is only available at the Jonesboro location. Offering their golden corral comfort food favorites. An entrée and two sides.

The options will change daily at a discounted price of $4.25.

“We love our community and we want to help everybody that’s being affected by this.

Especially healthcare workers who are working around the clock. We just want to support everyone we can because we love our community,” Kasie Jones said.

The drive through service will allow for the employees to bring the food to your car so you don’t have to get out to promote social distancing—benefiting the employee and guest.

The restaurant says they want to make sure senior citizens and medical workers are well fed during this health crisis.

“I know us parents its not our fault that our kids can’t go to school. It’s been difficult on all of us, our employees because all of us do have kids. Our support system in Jonesboro is really awesome,” Gosa said.

These take out boxes will start tomorrow from 11 a.m until 8 p.m. You can call to make your order or find out the meal for the day. This will continue for about 2 weeks or as long as they need to.


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