• Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

St. Bernards Offering Free use of Virtual Care App

St. Bernards Hospital is now doing their part to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The hospital is now allowing anyone who has symptoms of the virus to use their virtual care app for free without paying.

This comes after two people in arkansas have tested positive for the virus.

“Because of the Coronavirus what we want people to do is dial into this app that is free and we will ask some screening questions to see if you need further treatment and or if testing needs to be done," says Dr. Cole Peck, Director of Urgent Care Clinics at St. Bernard's.

"We’re all in this together when it comes to the Coronavirus. This is the best way to screen people which helps everybody in the community. Like I said earlier, we’re all in this together and the goal is to keep people healthy.”

This is expected help prevent the spread of the virus to keep people out of urgent care clinics who are showing symptoms.

Once you open the app you will see a questionnaire relating to the coronavirus. If your symptoms align up with those of the virus you will not have to pay the $49 fee.

If additional treatment is needed, the patient will have to pay for that.

So far across the state, multiple people have been diagnosed with the virus from Pulaski, Saline, Grant and Jefferson counties, including an employee at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

One woman says she is taking precautions while monitoring her daughter’s university.

“Washing my hands, a lot especially I’ve been outdoors or in public," says Jennifer Clack. "I’m trying not to touch my face or rub my eyes which is incredibly hard. I know that is an easy way to get it into your system. I’m also monitoring my daughter’s university and seeing if she will have to leave school.”

St. Bernards does not know exactly how long they will allow people to use the app for free.

They are expected to take it on a day-by-day basis.


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