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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

How to speak to our children about the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus spreading across the state and country, schools and universities are shutting their doors, affecting our daily lives. I spoke to one psychologist who says it is important to talk to your child about the coronavirus.

“Correcting any misinformation, the child might have and avoiding language that may be stigmatizing. Any of us can get a virus or get sick so be sure not to blame any groups of people or individuals."

So far in Arkansas people in four counties, Pulaski, Saline, Grant and Jefferson have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. All public schools in those counties will be closed until at least March 30th due to rapid spread of the virus. This includes the Little Rock School District, the state’s biggest school district, schools will now use AMI days to make up for the lost classroom time. While valley view school district has not closed, they are trying to keep everything as normal as possible in the classroom.

“We are working very hard to ease any panic that may be occurring and to have open conversations with students. But also, we are doing everything we can, and your parents are doing the same to keep you safe.”

Dr. Watson says that if your child’s school does get cancelled, keep them on their daily routine.

"Don’t take a child out of their routine. Again, this goes back to normalcy and a sense of safety. Keeping bedtimes at the same time, wake up times, finishing homework at a normal time with AMI days."

Dr. Watson stressed that find alternate activities for children, like making crafts is essential. Something calming during a time that is not normal. She also mentioned making sure parents take care of themselves too during this time.


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