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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Governor Hutchinson closes schools due to Coronavirus.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has called for all public schools in the state to close their doors starting tomorrow. This is help limit the spread of the coronavirus. This has some districts and parents working tirelessly to adjust.

“I’m excited for them to be at home. I get to make more memories for my babies. We binge watch movies, play games and make time for them. It’s a precaution that we all need to take.”

The governor announced the closures after the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Arkansas increased. Schools will be closed until at least March 30th in an effort to stop the spread. So far across the state almost numerous cases have been confirmed. While schools switch over to alternate method of instructional days, they continue to provide material as long as needed. The marked tree school district currently has six AMI days left for the year after the governor granted all public schools five additional days because of the virus.

“There is still a lot of direction we haven’t received from the state yet long term. In terms of AMI days, we have enough AMI days to last the rest of the week. We are preparing to provide content and instruction digitally. If there is something else that happens after this, we’re doing everything we can to make sure our district is prepared to meet the needs of our students.”

While Brown sees the positive sides of school closures, she is aware of the struggles this is causing.”

“It’s affecting the parents as well, especially when they’re trying to go to work. Sometimes the only time they can get a break is when they’re at work and kids are at school.”

Superintendent Wright also said that all secondary school work will be done online via Google Classroom. For younger students, paper packets were sent home last Friday for students. The same goes for students who don’t have access to computers were sent home with all paper copies to be completed for when they get back.


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