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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Paragould schools on lockdown

Paragould Junior and High Schools were placed on lockdown after finding a suspicious note. Paragould administration and authorities quickly began investigating while safely removing students from the school.

“The first notification I got was a text from my daughter. Then, of course, it was, “we’re on lockdown, this isn’t a drill. I love you,” Jamie Gill said.

A scared parent and unsure what was happening.

“I immediately started crying because I wasn’t sure what was going on and the only other thing I knew to do was pray,” Gill said.

Students were asked to remain in their classrooms until police and administration began an investigation to determine if it was safe.

Students were then released in different groups to their parents across from the street in hay’s grocery store parking lot.

“I was confused and nervous. Who did this? Why would they want to do this? I was just really nervous and scared and then I was with my coach and she was trying to calm us down. I enjoyed her being there and she was an adult I trusted, and I think that’s really important,” Jadyn Edgar said.

Today a few parents decided not to let their children attend school, regarding the safety.

“Well, after yesterday I was really shaken up and I didn’t really feel super safe in our school because they didn’t tell us who it was or if they had the person contained or if this person was going to be able to walk through the school today,” Edgar said.

Some parents were concerned with the fact that the administration didn’t have a better way of contacting parents about the situation but know they did everything they could.

“Even if you do have drills, you’re never actually prepared for it. So, I think in light of the situation, the school and the first responders did an amazing job. I think the students might have learned a little bit of a lesson with yesterday,” Gill said

Today additional officers were at the school ensure safety for students and parents while this investigation continues.


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