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Gifted and Talented Students Create Knot Blankets for NICU

Giving back is needed year-round and as for the gifted and talented students at the math and science magnet school they are putting their hands to great work.

“We’re making blankets for the babies in NICU,” Keyli Maximo Salom said.

The gifted and talented program does a community service project every semester.

This year’s project was chosen when the teacher found out many things were being made for babies in the NICU at St. Bernard’s but not blankets.

“I’m excited that they’re interested in giving back to their community because it’s always good to help and help somebody in need. Hopefully, that will help the parents give them a little ray of sunshine while they’re dealing with the issues, they’re facing in NICU,” Bettina Murphy said.

Today was the second day for this group to work on the project and they were glad to do what they can to help.

“If it’s cold in the room, maybe they won’t get too cold,” Caleb Westbrook said.

“Helping a family makes me feel happy, because I like to help people a lot,” Salom said.

In the moment it’s always nice to fine humor in all things good.

“Fun fact on the knots my fingers appear to be too fat to tie them,” Westbrook said.

After the 3rd through 6th graders finish they are expected to have about 20 blankets for the babies and families at St. Bernard’s NICU.


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