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Arkansas State Honors College reflects on 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz

The students of Arkansas State University’s Honors College got the chance to share their experience of visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp. For those students this was a humbling experience they are glad they got to be a part of.

“We learned a lot about Auschwitz because the concentration camps and World War II actually led up to a lot of the tension inside the Cold War. We did spend a couple of class days talking about World War II, the concentration camps in Auschwitz in particular,” Kristen Anderson said.

These students participated in the honors cold war study abroad trip.

Several parts of the trip included Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary

“Humbling to think that so many people lost their lives because of this insane idea that somehow some people are less than others and it was just a really, really emotional experience for everyone involved,” Abby Antici said.

The facts and figures associated with this specific trip to Auschwitz was life changing because what they learned in class went from a story… to real life.

“Going there and just seeing the vast scale of what happened and realizing that the people there were just people. When you look at the photos and the artifacts you can almost see yourself. It’s people whose lives were just uprooted and destroyed,” Joel Haynes said.

“I took away that we need to remember our past so we can realize that we need to watch out for it in the future,” Erin Heias said.

Knowing all people are still people for these students created something in them to cherish for a lifetime.

“The big thing that I took away was how big the world is, but even with how big it is, we’re all still people and we’re all still the same. So even being thousands of miles away in Hungary I could relate to my waitress at the restaurant or just somebody I ran into on the street because we’re all just people,” Kasey Williams said.

These students, are thankful for the honors program and A-State for allowing them to take this important educational trip.


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