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New Senior Living Center

Liberty park senior living center is a new enhanced assisted living location connected to the Arkansas continued care hospital. For northeast Arkansas area, there are other nursing homes but for this living center it's different.

“Assistant living is where you don’t really need a nursing home or long-term care, but you do need help,” Kalie Huntzinger said.

It was written that liberty park bought a rehab hospital, but they are now actually connected to the rehab hospital as a level two senior living center.

“It’s a pretty amazing transformation we’ve done here,” Huntzinger said.

This was where the women’s hospital once was.

Helping those who may need a little more assistance in their everyday lives is what the people at liberty park are for.

With 51 rooms, kitchen staff serving three meals a day, this is the family-oriented atmosphere any person would want their loved one living.

“It’s a beautiful place. With full capacity it’s constantly growing, the residents we do have are enjoying their stay here,” Tanya Risper said.

Just opening earlier this month, they do feel residents are enjoying their time because the people are genuinely nice and caring, making sure you feel at home.

“I enjoy helping people. I’ve been in this job field for many years and I take pride in making a difference in people's lives. We try to make them feel at home. A home away from home,” Risper said.

The facility is here to assist those as best as they can.

“And that’s what we’re here for. To give them that extra hand,” Risper said.

For more information you can visit liberty park senior living on Facebook.


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