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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Diego Ranch to Temporarily Close

The Equine Assisted therapy program, Diego Ranch will be closing its doors, but only temporarily. The ranch has served adults and children with physical and development challenges including PTSD, ADD, ADHD, autism, and depression.

The Diego ranch has been a special part of the community for everyone.

This therapy program is a place that is helpful for adults and children no matter their challenges.

Now although the ranch is closing it is only temporarily. They are planning to expand in a big way.

“We’re temporarily closing right now so we can focus on property and building a facility. We’re wanting to better serve the community and with the number of students we have right now and the rate we’re growing is a lot,” said Michael Jackson.

With this expansion, it will allow for the facility to be better for adults and children, with their health included.

One parent has had nothing but great experiences with the ranch. Erin Brown, Xavier brown’s mom, says the ranch has become more than just a place to go for Xavier and because of that she had seen remarkable changes in Xavier.

“They’re not just out there to just ride and have fun. They learn responsibility, they must groom the horse, they must clean up after the horse, saddle their horse. They must learn the parts of the horse and the saddle. So, there’s a lot of education there that they don’t understand, they are learning. They think they’re having fun; it’s been a tremendous help,” said Erin Brown.

As for her and her husband, they can’t wait for them to open back up because of the great effect it has had on their son.

“The ranch has become more than just a place to go. Michael is amazing, he’s become more of a friend and a mentor to Xavier. Recently Xavier’s dad has had some health issues and Xavier was having a lot of anxiety with it because he didn’t really understand what was going on. The ranch was not open that day and Michael meet us at the ranch and let Xavier go out and play with the horses in the pastures and calmed down and really got in his element and it’s just it really took some of the weight off of me,” said Brown. They are accepting donations to help towards locating a new property for the ranch. If you would like to help, you can visit them on their Facebook page at Diego Ranch Inc.


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