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Jonesboro Volleyball wins back to back 5A State Championship

And they’ve done it again.

Jonesboro volleyball team has won a back to back state championship title against Benton.

Players are on top of the world.

“Amazing, we’ve had a lot of success in the past especially since I’ve been able to be a part of this team so to continue that legacy was really fun,” said Clara Parker

They completed their third perfect season in the program’s history with an impressive 35 wines.

But during the game, things did get challenging.

“The first two sets were, we won by quite a lot. But the third set we found ourselves in a little bit of a hole. We were down by nine points and we ended up coming back and winning,” said Parker

Senior Mikayla Johnson shares what she’s learned through it all.

“Not to take anyone for granted because the 0 was very scary. I think knowing that we hadn’t lost any games made each more game, I’m not going to say mean more but it makes you like push harder for the title you already have, “said Mikayla Johnson

After this being her volleyball family for the last four years, she has learned more about herself as she continues to grow.

“Being at a young age on the team, I think my biggest thing that’s helped me was self-determination and I guess you could say like self-perseverance. Just to like to keep going and not give up no matter the difficult tasks because you see, not giving up lead us to this 35 and 0,” said Johnson

These ladies are humble from the experience they have been given. As they move on to the next chapters in their career, they will leave a great legacy here.


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