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Halloween Safety for Everyone

Although it all fun and exciting for the children to dress up in their cute and cool costumes, but it is still that time to pay attention to surrounding areas when out.

“Watch your child, you don’t let your child go out and disappear for 4 hours and go trick or treating wherever they want to. They know to check the candy; they know to check whatever items they get. Parents should be with their children and look where they go, said Detective Ernest ward

Arkansas now has a formal bill that prohibits a registered sex offender from participating in certain Halloween related activities.

As all sex offenders should be registered so it is in the system when they are located for people to know where and where not to go.

“As far sex offenders go, if they go to the website,, and click on sex offender registry, the city of Jonesboro or whatever town they’re in, doesn’t matter what town they’re in, in Arkansas, click on that town and you can see where the report able sex offenders live, the block that the report able sex offenders live and maybe not go to those streets, maybe not go to those blocks,” said Detective Ernest Ward

The website, ACIC, Arkansas crime information center will allow you to look up all the information you want involving sex offenders’ locations.

Level 3 and level 4 are the highest level a sex offender could have, and they know they are not allowed to participate in any Halloween-related events two weeks before or after October 31st.

“If their level 3’s or 4’s no participation. They can be wearing masks they can’t hand out candy. They’re not supposed to participate by even taking their children out trick or treating. If their level 3’s or 4’s,” said Detective Ernest Ward.

So, although checking candy and staying with your child during this eventful night is important, checking the different neighborhoods, your family want to visit would also help to avoid any other problems.


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