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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Car Hits Two People on A-State Campus

Two people were hit by a car last night while walking across University Loop by the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house, and now A-State is asking people to look before they walk.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications, Bill Smith tells us what they are doing to make sure people stay safe when walking across the street.

“We have a large number of marked and signed crosswalks and most of them have that alert sign in the middle of the crosswalk, so it makes it easier for drivers to see it. We’ve also worked on enhancing some of the lighting. We do try to stress with both our pedestrians and our drivers that it is a walking environment.”

One Arkansas State student said they think the campus needs more crosswalks on but also at night it is hard to see people walking across the road.

“I mean preferably we need more crosswalks so people can be safe and lighting because it be dark areas where it’s completely dark and it is hard to see whenever you’re driving. They don’t be paying attention because they have their headphones in most of the time, so they don’t be hearing what’s going on or seeing what’s going on.”

Smith also has a reminder for people on campus.

“You’ve got to look both ways and you can’t guess how fast that car is coming. if there is a car coming just wait and then cross.”

Smith told Northeast Arkansas News that the investigation is ongoing so they don’t know if the driver will face any charges, but they don’t expect they will and that both the victims were both transported to the hospital for serious but non- life threatening injuries.


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