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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Sheriff Marty Boyd Awarded Craighead County Officer of the Year

Just last Tuesday, sheriff Marty Boyd was awarded the Craighead county officer of the year at the 2019 Arkansas law enforcement summit by attorney general Leslie Rutledge.

“The Craighead County officer of the year. It’s an honor that I didn’t expect. I was humbled and honored to receive it. Same time there’s so many people in our business that works hard and does such a great job,” said Sheriff Marty Boyd.

At this summit, it allowed for different classes and speakers to come in and speak on leadership and the different styles of leadership for law enforcement. It also gave some educational instruction on medical marijuana since has now been legalized.

“I have a lot of different hats it seems like every day. My philosophy the more I can learn the better off I can be to serve the public. That’s what I keep trying to find things that will help me better serve the sheriff’s office and the citizens of Craighead county,” said Sheriff Marty Boyd.

With this award, he has been in the department for the last 30 years and sheriff for the last 7.

His different colleagues were the ones responsible for sending in the nomination and just from talking with him, he was shocked because he thought the department was nominating someone else.

“We felt, the sheriff doesn’t like a lot of recognition, so we felt as if he deserved the award. He’s worked for 5 years and it’s been a pretty tireless process to get us a CSU, to get the region a CSU. And we had to kind of, privately nominate him to get that through so had to be a little bit sneaky in that process,” said Aaron Davis, Patrol Captain.

This award was given in relation to the crisis stabilization unit facility being put in place in Jonesboro that will help those with mental health challenges, instead of being sent to jail. This gives those a chance to get the help they need.


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