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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Sun Belt Faculty Member of the Year 2019

Dr. Shane Hunt is known for many things.

He is a marketing professor at Arkansas State University, a husband, and father.

His latest title though is being named the Sun Belt Conference 2019 Faculty Member of the Year.

“Oh, it meant so much to me because I am a Sun Belt guy!”, said Hunt.

This is the first year the Sun Belt Conference has given out these awards.

The award is given to individuals who show valuable skills in the classroom, enthusiasm for school athletics, and inspire the student athletes themselves.

Dr. Hunt says the award means a lot to him because of those nominating him, “I’ve had some incredible student athletes from all different sports and for several of them to take the time to nominate me that led to me winning the award; I think that made this award extra special”.

Hunt has been working at Arkansas State for the last 12 years.

He has shown support by going to a variety of A-state athletic games.

As well as in the classroom.

He says he has taught 3-thousand students with roughly 400 of them being student athletes.

Hunt has one question that inspires him, “If my son or daughter was a student athlete at a university, what would I want their professors to do? I think that really inspires me to try and give them the best possible experience and help best prepare them for their life after sports and life professionally”.

Dr. Hunt is hoping to leave his students with the best tools to succeed.

“I think at the end of the day regardless of their background if they can think and they can solve problems and they can have an optimism and an enthusiasm to them I think they are going to have a great professional life”, said Hunt.


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