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Hoxie City Officials Plan New Park with Donated Land

Hoxie mayor Dennis Coggins is making good on his promise to be the city’s most progressive mayor. Now, planning a new park. With eight to ten acres of vacant land on Annie Street.

“We’ve had several complaints wanting more park and area for the walk trail,” says Coggins.

The land, previously owned by Lawrence County, is being donated to Hoxie, providing space for pavilions, basketball courts and much more. Coggins says it will give children a bigger and safer place to play.

“We’re trying to get them off the streets cause our police officers are having to go and knock on doors and get the parents to come out. Trying to build something where the parents can bring them over here, and then they’ll be secure,” Coggins adds.

The new park is expected to be a big boost in recreation for Hoxie. Currently, the city has one park [on Maple Street] that only spans about a half a block. And Mayor Coggins says it’s overdue for renovations.

Deborah Dominie’s home is across the street from where Hoxie’s new city park will be. She looks forward to the opportunity to stay local.

“I’ve got a grandson myself that has learning disabilities. And ADHD, and it’s really tough to just try to take him to everywhere else to try to get him to do anything,” says Dominie. “He really doesn’t do well around crowds. So, we’ll either have to drive to Swifton or Newport, or go all the way to Jonesboro.”

It’s a gap Mayor Coggins hopes to bridge for all residents.

Coggins explains that he is “trying to get to where [residents] have something, they can at least be proud of.”

Coggins expects the new park to be a fixture before the end of the year. Hoxie city officials plan to apply for a matching grant to cover the expenses of building the park.


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