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Bay Schools Close Due to Gas Leak

Schools in Bay remained closed Monday and Tuesday. Following a report of a strong odor on campus.

“Friday night, one of my nighttime custodians detected a smell of gas. I called center point, they came down Saturday morning, and detected the smell also,” says Bobby Hutchison, who is the superintendent for the Bay School District.

The decision to pause all school functions is one Hutchison says puts safety first.

“Everything ties together here…the only out buildings that we have is the high school gym, and the agri-department,” he adds.

Crews spent hours scouting the grounds for the location and source of the leak. Leading them to rehab the gas main.

James Robertson, who is Bay’s water superintendent, gave a breakdown of the repairs. “They’ve cut out and repaired the bad spot. Now we’ve got to pressure it up to ninety pounds for one hour to show that it’s gonna hold pressure so that they can turn it back on,” says Robertson.

“It’s only about a 300-foot section of old line. The rest of it’s all been replaced new.”

Superintendent Hutchison now looks forward to getting school back in session.

“We have some A.M.I. days, that the state department, they give us five each year. And we’ve used two of those for this situation here. So, we should be good, if we can hopefully get back in school tomorrow and finish out the year,” explains Hutchison.

Hutchison doesn’t have an exact figure on the cost of the gas line repair as of yet but adds that it is an expensive project. Insurance will likely cover most of it.


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